Our team has immediate access to key local market data and provides the resources and complete support during acquisition process as well as knowledge of local and state property practice and laws. Land acquisition specialists offer following services:

• Land/project presentation and selection
• Consultation and advisory
• Pre-acquisition studies and costs estimates
• Complete documentation and verification
• Acquisition negotiations
• Contract preparation and purchase
• Process finalization
• Ownership registration

Project feasibility

DDG Group has the expertise to evaluate new project opportunities and provides:

• Investment opportunity analysis
• Financial analysis
• Due diligence
• Contract negotiation
• Closing process management

Project development

From the initial stage our team will assemble and direct the Project Team, including architects, engineers and other professional services. Respecting our client desires the initial conceptual design, architecture and urbanistic study is developed. DGG Group will coordinate all Project Team meetings and communication. We become the primary contact for the Owner, streamlining the communication process. Based on conceptual design DDG Group and Project Team will further carry out all activities necessary to obtain permits and consents from relevant governmental authorities.

During the project development phase DDG Group provides following services:

• Urbanistic study
• Design concept
• Architecture
• Project budgeting
• Project approvals and permits

Project management

Project management involves comprehensive project overview from preparation to execution with the goal to keep the project within the defined time and cost frame. This includes overall coordination of project documentation and Project Team. DDG Group supervises the bidding process to select most competent contractors and subcontractors. Our experts supervise and review the budget and time schedules, designs, specifications, project contracts and work arrangements to detect potential risk factors.

DDG Group experienced project managers offer:

• Project control
• Risk management
• Contract negotiation
• Financial and schedule control

Construction management

Construction management involves close collaboration and coordination with all parties in construction stage to determine the best possible sequence of construction operations. DDG Group entirely controls and manages all construction activities and keeps a track on the progress against the project plan. During the construction we assure compliance to project budget, conduct field inspections of project progress, resolve design and construction problems, schedule and attend inspections, approve all change orders, prepare punch-lists and place the building in service. By careful planning, our experienced construction managers help the owner to manage risk having the project finished before the proposed deadline.

DDG Group has construction expertise to manage entire construction process. DDG Group provides:

• Construction supervision
• Quality management
• Cost management
• Scheduling
• Punchlist
• Placing the building in service

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